1. Put your SIM into an unlocked device
2. Dial *132# to find your New Lycamobile Number to use for the registration form below
3. Use the Information located on the SIM pack to find your ICCID & PUK numbers (printed on the SIMCard holder)
4. Note: the mobile data has to be disabled before the activation.
5. The personal details you are using to register your SIM must match the details on your proof of ID
6. Make sure the SIM card is inserted to receive the TAN number to validate the SIM card and complete registration.
7. If you are a foreign national then please contact customer service or go to a local authorised retailer to complete registration.
1 Lycamobile Account Edit
This is a mandatory field
  • Private Customer Form
    Company Form
  • 389    Please enter your valid mobile number
  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx    Please enter your sim no
2 Personal Details Edit
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  •   Choose a Title
  •   Enter your First Name
  •   Enter your Last Name
  •   Please enter the EMBG
  •     Please select the city
  •     Please select the Municipality
  •     Please select the Place
  •   Please enter the address
  •   Please enter the postcode
  •   Please enter the email id
  •   Please select your language
3 TAN Number Details Edit
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  •    Resend TAN   Please enter the TAN Number